Episode guide

SERIES I (1986)
Producer: Oscar Whitbread
Episode Title/ Director/Writer/First AD

1 "Will To Survive" Rob Stewart/Tony Morphett/John Hipwell
2 "Trial By Gossip"/Rob Stewart/Christine McCourt/John Hipwell
3 "Hot Enough For You" Arch Nicholson/Vincent Moran/Don Linke
4 "Dreams of Sand"/Arch Nicholson/Peter Hepworth/ Don Linke
5 "Public Property"/Colin Budds/Denise Morgan/ Michael McIntyre
6 "Is Nothing Sacred"/Colin Budds/Peter Schreck/ Michael McIntyre
7 "Square Pegs"/ Chris Langman/Howard Griffiths/Jamie Leslie
8 "Sins of the Father" Chris Langman/Peter Pinney/Jamie Leslie
9 "Rally to the Cause" Brendan Maher/Peter Herbert/Don Linke
10 "Talk of the Town"/Brendan Maher/Mary Dagmar Davies/Don Linke
11 "Do You Read Me"/Colin Budds/Galia Hardy/Jamie Leslie
12 "E.T.- New Girl in Town" Colin Budds/Vincent Gil/Jamie Leslie
13 "A Choice of Enemies" Dan Burstall/Judy Colquhoun/Don Linke
14 "Departures"/ Dan Burstall/Graham Hartley/Don Linke
15 "A Lost Generation"/Brendan Maher/Gwenda Marsh/Jamie Leslie
16 "Someone Special"/Brendan Maher/John Reeves/ Jamie Leslie
17 "Return of the Hero" Mark Callan/Tony Morphett/Stewart Wright
18 "Eye of the Beholder" Mark Callan/Cassandra Carter/Stewart Wright
19 "Million-Acre Prison" Dan Burstall/Peter Schreck/ Jamie Leslie
20 "Like a Death In The Family" Dan Burstal/RogerDunn/ Jamie Leslie
21 "Fearless Frank" Colin Budds/Peter Hepworth/Stewart Wright
22 "Forgiveness" Colin Budds/Graham Hartley & Annie Beach/ Stewart Wright
23 "Acceptance" Mark Defriest/Graham Hartley/ Jamie Lesley
24 "The Show Goes On" Mark Defriest/Vince Moran/ Jamie Lesley
25 "To the Rescue" Colin Budds/Vince Moran/ Stewart Wright
26 "Into The Future" Colin Budds/Vince Moran/Stewart Wright


27 "Good Day For It" Mark Callan/Michael Joshua/ Michael McIntyre (1987)
28 "Horses For Courses" Mark Callan/Denise Morgan/ Michael McIntyre
29 "The Unluckiest Boy In Town"/ Rod Hardy/Don Linke/Vince Moran
30 "It Isn't Cricket" Rod Hardy/Peter Pinney/ Don Linke
31 "An Only Child" Mark Defriest/Graham Hartley/ Richard Clendinnen
32 "A Love Story"/ Mark Defriest/Cassandra Carter/Richard Clendinnen
33 "Keeping Up Appearances" Mark Defriest/Michael Joshua/ Richard Clendinnen
34 "All Things Bright And Beautiful" Mark Defriest/Shane Brennan/ Richard Clendinnen
35 "My Name Is Sky" Ian Barry/Luis Bayonas/ Don Linke
36 "Bachelors & Spinsters" Ian Barry/John Alsop/ Don Linke
37 "Fifty-Two Hours Straight" Mark Callan/Mary Dagmar Davies/ Michael McIntyre
38 "A Friend Of A Friend" Mark Callan/Leon Saunders/Michael McIntyre
39 "Friends & Lovers" Mark Defriest/John Reeves/ Richard Clendinnen
40 "Realms of Gold" Mark Defriest/Peter Hepworth/ Richard Clendinnen
41 "The Hometown Hero" Brendan Maher/Alison Nisselle/ Don Linke
42 "A Distant Echo" Brendan Maher/Tony Morphett/ Don Linke
43 "No Laughing Matter" Dan Burstall/Graham Hartley/ Michael McIntyre
44 "No Quarter Asked" Dan Burstall/Denise Morgan/Michael McIntyre
45 "Myths & Legends" Colin Budds/Shane Brennan/ Don Linke
46 "The Hitch-Hiker" Colin Budds/Luis Bayonas/ Don Linke
47 "Give A Dog A Bad Name" Dan Burstall/Vince Moran/ Michael McIntyre
48 "Every Day A Gift" Dan Burstall/Leon Saunders/ Michael McIntyre
49 "Bearing Gifts" Mark Defriest/Michael Joshua/ Richard Clendinnen
50 "Repeat Performance" Mark Defriest/Tony Morphett/Richard Clendinnen


51 "The Noble Art" Brendan Maher/Peter Hepworth/ Richard Clendinnen
52 "Sapphire"/ Brendan Maher/Graham Hartley/ Richard Clendinnen
53 "Cries From The Heart" Chris Langman/Shane Brennan/Stewart Wright
54 "All In A Day's Work" Chris Langman/Luis Bayonas/ Stewart Wright
55 "Out Of A Clear Blue Sky" Colin Budds/Ray Hennessy/Leon Saunders
56 "Affirmative Action" Colin Budds/Denise Morgan/ Ray Hennessy
57 "Figures In A Landscape" Catherine Millar/Peter Kinloch/ Richard Clendinnen
58 "The Devil You Know" Catherine Millar/Michael Joshua/ ffichard Clendinnen
59 "Operating Solo" Paul Moloney/Mary Dagmar Davies/Stewart Wright
60 "The Path Of True Love" Paul Moloney/Andrew Kennedy/ Stewart Wright
61 "The Kid"/ Colin Budds/Shane Brennan/ Brian Giddens
62 "The First Step" Colin Budds/John Alsop/ Brian Giddens
63 "Hopscotch" Chris Langman/Alan Hopgood/ Richard Clendinnen
64 "Jacks High" Chris Langman/Denise Morgan/Richard Clendinnen
65 "Clapped Out" Brendan Maher/Tony Morphett/Stewart Wright (1988)
66 "Private Lives, Public Faces" Brendan Maher/Cassandra Carter/ Stewart Wright
67 "Wedlock" Paul Moloney/David Phillips/ Ray Hennessy
68 "The Wrangler's Daughter" Paul Moloney/Peter Kinloch/Ray Hennessy
69 "Borrowed Time" Mark Defriest/Leon Saunders/Jamie Leslie
70 "The Forbidden" Mark Defriest/Andrew Kennedy/Jamie Leslie
71 "She'll Be Right" Brendan Maher/Shane Brennan/ Stewart Wright
72 "One Final Request" Brendan Maher/Denise Morgan/ Stewart Wright
73 "Roxanne"/ Chris Adshead/Peter Hepworth/ Jamie Leslie
74 "Don't Tell Anybody" Chris Adshead/Luis Bayonas/Jamie Leslie
75 "No Way Back"/ Colin Budds/Alison Nisselle/ RayHennessy
76 "Johnnie Come Home" Colin Budds/Tony Morphett/Ray Hennessy


77 "Look, Up In the Sky" Mark Callan/John Alsop/Stewart Wright
78 "Preacher Man"/ Mark Callan/Alan Hopgood/ Stewart Wright
79 "The Fear" - Part 1 Brendan Maher/Andrew Kennedy/ Kath Hayden
80 "The Fear" - Part 2 Brendan Maher/David Boutland/Kath Hayden
81 "Fair Go" Paul Moloney/Shane Brennan/Jamie Leslie
82 "Broken Airwaves" Paul Moloney/Denise Morgan/Jamie Leslie
83 "Beds and Board" Brendan Maher/Luis Bayones/ Kath Hayden
83 "Give A Dog A Bad Name" Dan Burstall/ Vince Moran/ Michael McIntyre
84 "Breaking The Drought" Brendan Maher/John Reeves/ Kath Hayden
85 "Family Secrets" - Pt 1 Mark Defriest/Tony Morphett/ Stewart Wright
86 "Family Secrets" - Pt 2 Mark Defliest/Tony Morphett/ Stewart Wright
87 "All You Need Is Luck" Colin Budds/Annie Beach/ Jamie Leslie
88 "The Silly Season" Colin Budds/Cliff Green/ Jamie Leslie
89 "Every Situation" Arch Nicholson/Michael Joshua/ Stewart Wright
90 "The Storyteller" Arch Nicholson/Shane Brennan/ Stewart Wright
91 "The Choice" Mark Defriest/ Denise Morgan/ Kath Hayden
92 "A Shadow of Doubt" Mark Defriest/Neil Luxmoore/ Kath Hayden
93 "Mick and Julia" Brendan Maher/Luis Bayonas/ Jamie Leslie
94 "The Deal" Brendan Maher/Tony Morphett/ Jamie Leslie
95 "A Thing of Beauty" Marcus Cole/Brian Wright/Stewart Wright
96 "Cadenza" Marcus Cole/Alan Hopgood/Stewart Wright
97 "Mates" Mandy Smith/Shane Brennan/Kath Hayden
98 "The Child" Mandy Smith/David Boutland/ Kath Hayden
99 "Next To Go" Brendan Maher/Tony Morphett/ Chris Page
100 "Gotta Have Friends" Brendan Maher/Denise Morgan/ Chris Page

Producer: Stanley Walsh

101 "The Gift" Brendan Maher/ /Chris Page (1989)
102 "Second Chance" Brendan Maher/Denise Morgan/Chris Page
103 "Not The Malarvy's" Catherine Millar/Shane Brennan/ Kath Hayden
104 "The Adventure" Catherine Millar/Luis Bayonas/ Kath Hayden
105 "No Man's Land" Paul Moloney/Annie Beach/ Michael McIntyre
106 "Rising Sundown" Paul Moloney/Alan Hopgood/ Michael McIntyre
107 "Man and Boy" Brendan Maher/Shane Brennan/ Chris Page
108 "The Longing" Brendan Maher/Vince Moran/ Chris Page
109 "Bitter Harvest" Catherine Millar/Craig Wilkins & Anne Lucas/ Kath Hayden
110 "The Instrument" Catherine Millar/Alan Hopgood/Kath Hayden
111 "Word and Deed" Mandy Smith/Mary Dagmar Davies/ Michael McIntyre
112 " All That Glitters .. " Mandy Sniith/Luis Bayonas/ Michael McIntyre
113 "Fly Past" Bill Hughes/Shane Brennan/ Chris Page
114 "The Last Rodeo" Bill Hughes/Leon Saunders/ Chris Page
115 "Sky Above, Earth Below" Paul Moloney/Shane Brennan/ Kath Hayden
116 "Lucky Lady" Paul Moloney/Shane Brennan/ Kath Hayden
117 "The Chips Are Down" Colin Budds/Annie Beach/ Jamie Leslie
118 "Guardian Angel" Colin Budds/Leon Saunders/ Jamie Leslie
119 "Battlers" Gary Conway/Peter Hepworth & Craig Wilkins/Chris Page
120 "No Tears" Gary Conway/Terry Stapleton/ Chris Page
121 "A Doctor's Dreaming" Pino Amenta/Mary Dagmar Davies/ Kath Hayden
122 "Blues For Judy" Pino Amenta/Peter Kinloch/ Kath Hayden
123 "The Claim" Colin Budds/Luis Bayonas/ Robert Kewley
124 "A Rhyme for Reason" Colin Budds/Jan Sardi/ Robert Kewley
125 "Dad's Little Bloke" Arch Nicholson/Anne Lucas/ Chris Page
126 "A Sporting Life" Arch Nicholson/David Allen/Chris Page


127 "A Good Drop of Red" Pino Amenta/Vince Moran/ Kath Hayden
128 "The Hero" Catherine Millar/Vince Moran/ John Powditch
129 "Suspicion" Pino Amenta/Story: Shane Brennan Written: John Lord/ Kath Hayden
130 "Daddy's Girl" Catherine Millar/Peter Kinloch/ John Powditch
131 "Two Sisters Running" Catherine Millar/Shane Brennan/ John Powditch
132 "Dangerous Games" Ian Gilmour/Terry Stapleton/Chris Page
133 "Milk Run" Catherine Millar/Tom Hegarty/ John Powditch
134 "Point of No Return" Pino Amenta/Joe Kelly/ Kath Hayden
135 "Small Mercies" Ian Gilmour/David Allen/ Chris Page
136 "A Painful Extraction" Pino Amenta/Denise Morgan/Kath Hayden
137 "The Climber" Pino Amenta/Leonard Rosen/ Ray Hennessy (1990)
138 "Dead Reckoning" Kath Hayden/Vince Moran/ Chris Page
139 "A Bride To Be" Brendan Maher/Tim Gooding/ Chris Page
140 "A Place for the Night" Brendan Maher/Howard Griffiths/ Chris Page
141 "End of the Rainbow" Ian Gilmour/Julie Phillips/ Arnie Custo
142 "Double Vision" Viktors Ritelis/David Allen/ Kath Hayden
143 "The Boy in the Boot" Pino Amenta/Vince Moran/ Ray Hennessy
144 "Windows of the Soul" Catherine Millar/Sue Hore/ Chris Page
145 "Rest In Peace" Ian Gilmour/Shane Brennan/ Arnie Custo
146 "Life Line" Viktors Ritelis/Lynn Palmer/ Kath Hayden

Producer: Howard Griffiths

147 "Fly Like A Bird" Rob Stewart/Vince Moran/ Jamie Leslie
148 "A Day To Remember" Rob Stewart/Marie Trevor/ Jamie Leslie
149 "A Place To Call Home" Karl Zwicky/Joss Moorhouse/ Arnie Custo
150 "Divided Loyalties" Karl Zwicky/Shane Brennan/ Arnie Custo
151 "A Rural Education" Kath Hayden/Cliff Green/ John Powditch
152 "The Ties That Bind" Kath Hayden/Judy Colquhoun/John Powditch
153 "Brother's Keeper" Kendal Flanagan/Peter Kinloch/Chris Odgers
154 "Wilderness" Kendal Flanagan/Julie Philips/ Chris Odgers
155 "Valentine's Day" Riccardo Pellizzeri/Sam Wilde/ Arnie Custo
156 "A Little Tenderness" Piccardo Pellizzeri/Angela Martin/ Arnie Custo
157 "Poet's Corner" Graham Thorburn/Paul Hogan/ Jamie Leslie
158 "Family Farm" Graham Thorburn/Robert Matthews/Jamie Leslie
159 "A Place To Belong" Catherine Millar/Jutta Goetze/ Chris Odgers
160 "Breakaway" Catherine Millar/Leonard Rosen/ Chris Odgers
161 "Pete And Billie" Mark DeFriest/Julie Phillips/ Arnie Custo
162 "Old Man Weed" Mark DeFriest/John Reeves/ Arnie Custo
163 "David And Goliath" Colin Budds/Vince Moran/ Rob Kewley
164 "Last Carnival" Colin Budds/Vince Gil/ Rob Kewley
165 "Lost Innocence" Joy Crosby/Phillip Roberts & Vicki Madden/ Sherry James
166 "Bush Christmas" Karl Zwicky/Jutta Goetze/ Sherry James

Producer: Jan Marnell

167 "What A Guy" Mark DeFriest/Jutta Goetze/ Arnie Custo
168 "Bad Moon Pising" Mark DeFriest/David Phillips/Arnie Custo
169 "A New Life" Ian Gilmour/Vince Moran/ Rob Kewley
170 "Through Thick And Thin" Ian Gilmour/John Coulter/Rob Kewley
171 "Deceptions" Catherine Millar/Julie Phillips/Stuart Wood
172 "None So Blind" Catherine Millar/Denise Morgan/ Stuart Wood
173 "Sleep Of Reason" Kendal Flanagan/Bevan Lee/ Arnie Custo (1991)
174 "My Mother's Child" Kendal Flanagan/Dave Worthington/ Arnie Custo
175 "Swinging On The Rope" Brendan Maher/Greg Haddrick/ Chris Odgers
176 "Father And Son" Brendan Maher/Elizabeth Coleman/ Chris Odgers
177 "A Little Miracle" Mark DeFriest/Anthony Ellis/Phil Jones
178 "Murphy's Law" Mark DeFriest/Vince Moran/ Phil Jones
179 "Breaking Down The Wall" Kendal Flanagan/Maureen Ann Moran/ Arnie Custo
180 "Once Bitten" Kendal Flanagan/Shane Brennan/ Arnie Custo
181 "Clipped Wings" Ian Gilmour/Jutta Goetze/ Chris Page
182 "Walk Don't Run" lan Gilmour/Denise Morgan/ Chris Page
183 "Masquerade" Brendan Maher/Sue Hore/ Chris Odgers
184 "Against The Current" Brendan Maher/Tony Cavanaugh & Vicki Madden/ Chris Odgers
185 "Last Of The Cochranes" Kendal Flanagan/Graham Hartley/ Arnie Custo
186 "Double Life" Kendal Flanagan/Bevan Lee/ Arnie Custo
187 "Something. Nothing" Catherine Millar/Elizabeth Coleman/ Chris Page
188 "Family" Catherine Millar/Vince Moran/ Chris Page
189 "Being Positive" Ian Gilmour/Bevan Lee/ Chris Odgers
190 "Open Day" Ian Gilmour/Anthony Ellis/ Chris Odgers
191 "Changing Times" Kendal Flanagan/Jutta Goetze/ Arnie Custo
192 "Freedom" Kendal Flanagan/Graham Hartley/ ArnieCusto


Producer: Brendan Maher
193 "Nymphs And Nightmares" Rod Hardy/Vince Moran/ Stuart Wood
194 "Out Of The Blue" Rod Hardy/Jocelyn Moorhouse/Stuart Wood
195 "The Last Dance" Ian Gilmour/Tony Cavanaugh/ Phil Jones
196 "Unfinished Business" Ian Gilmour/Bevan Lee/ Phil Jones
197 "Jacqueline" Colin Budds/Elizabeth Coleman/ Chris Odgers
198 "Monkey" Colin Budds/Everett DeRoche/Chris Odgers
199 "The Stranger" Oscar Whitbread/John Coulter/ Jamie Leslie
200 "The Christening" Oscar Whitbread/Various/ Chris Odgers/
Special Episode Producer: John Kearney
201 "The Good Book" Oscar Whitbread/Vince Moran/ Jamie Leslie
202 "My Little Patch" Mario Andreacchio/Vince Gil/Brendan Campbell
203 "Two Splatt Shuffle" Mario Andreacchio/Graham Hartley/ Brendan Campbell
204 "Secrets" Colin Budds/Peter Schreck/ Jamie Crooks
205 "The Games We Play" Colin Budds/Simon Hopkinson/ Jamie Crooks
206 "Bone China" Stephen Wallace/Bevan Lee/ Jamie Leslie
207 "Johnno Be Good" Stephen Wallace/Everett DeRoche/ Jamie Leslie
208 "Lost Rainbows" Mark DeFriest/Alan Hopgood & Sue Hore/ Ross Hamilton
209 "Broken Promises" Mark DeFriest/Elizabeth Coleman/ Ross Hamilton
210 "Visitors Welcome" Chris Thomson/John Coulter/Brendan Campbell
211 "Yesterday's News" Chris Thomson/Stuart Wood/Brendan Campbell
212 "Dirty Linen" Colin Budds/Vince Moran/ Jamie Leslie
213 "Chasing Rainbows" Colin Budds/Jutta Goetze/ Jamie Leslie
214 "Uncle Cyrano" Mike Smith/Vincent Gil/ Robin Newell
215 "Luck Of The Draw" Mike Smith/David Phillips & Jutta Goetze/ Robin Newell
216 "Trouble With M.E." Mark DeFriest/Jocelyn Moorhouse/ Brendan Campbell
217 "The Accomplice" Mark DeFriest/Sue Hore/ Brendan Campbell
218 "Blind Obsession" Michael Offer/Roger Dunn/ Chris Odgers
219 "Wimp" Michael Offer/Everett DeRoche/ Chris Odgers
220 "Visionaries" Ian Gilmour/Glenda Hambly/ Jamie Leslie
221 "Life Lessons" Ian Gilmour/Tony Cavanaugh/ Jamie Leslie